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Praba Pilar

About Praba Pilar is a diasporic Colombian Muisca/mestiza artist and scholar who creates performance art, digital/electronic installations, and experimental public talks and workshops critical of extraction-based approaches to technology. Her artworks have been presented in museums, universities, festivals, galleries, and streets around the world, from Vancouver’s LIVE Biennale to Mexico’s Museo de Arte Contemporaneo. She is presently sharing approaches rooted

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Patty Botello

About Patty Botello was born in Los Ángeles, California. At the age of three, she learned how Piñatas were created from her next-door neighbor and babysitter. She studied art at San Jose State University where she earned her Bachelor of Arts, Concentration in Studio Practice. While being immersed in studio art classes she fell in

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Dignidad Rebelde

About Dignidad Rebelde is a creative collaborative space organized by artists Jesus Barraza and Melanie Cervantes who are based in Halchis, the ancestral and unceded territory of the Jalquin Chochenyo Ohlone, an area today known as San Leandro, CA. We believe art can be a powerful reflection of peoples’ struggles and their desire for the radical transformation of our world.  Following

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Cesar Mendoza

About In elementary school, Cesar’s mom noticed two things, how shy he was and his artistic ability. She bought him art supplies and during recess he started drawing things for other students at their request, this is where Cesar’s artistic career began. During high school, Cesar fell in love with graffiti, and got the opportunity

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Anna Lisa Escobedo

About Anna Lisa Escobedo, She/Her/Ella/Ellas. She is a visual artist, muralist, cultural worker, networker, and event & program producer. At YBCA, she helps design and implements artists’ supportive programs, most recently, leading the pilot on the San Francisco Creative Corps. The majority of her work maintains and fosters deep-rooted relationships with the San Francisco and Bay

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@j.duh took over our Instagram @macla_sanjose to share more about his work, live painting, and answered questions about his art and inspiration.   Visit @MaclaSanjose on Vimeo check out J.Duh’s talk. Meet J.Duh Born and raised in San Jose, California, Jorge “J. Duh” Camacho was fascinated by art from an early age. Reared on

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