Patty Botello


Patty Botello was born in Los Ángeles, California. At the age of three, she learned how Piñatas were created from her next-door neighbor and babysitter. She studied art at San Jose State University where she earned her Bachelor of Arts, Concentration in Studio Practice. While being immersed in studio art classes she fell in love with the creation of three-dimensional art. Before graduating, she began Fuzzy Lollipop, a small online business in 2009 where she sells her piñata sculptures. 

Patty has been making piñata sculptures in her own unique style for over a decade. She hopes to elevate the piñata to be viewed as art. They are high-quality piñatas that blur the boundary between piñata and paper sculpture. 

Her recent work is made primarily with paper-mache, paper, and upcycled materials.  

Patty’s artwork has been featured in various group art exhibitions in the Bay Area, Content Magazine and at a temporary gallery at the Sweets and Snacks Expo in Chicago, Illinois.  

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