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Ramble-Ations: A One d’Lo Show (2010)

By D’Lo October 2, 2010 In Ramble-Ations: A One D’Lo Show, Sri Lankan, transgendered, vegetarian, performance and hip-hop artist D’Lo weaves personal stories through poetry, music, comedy and video. D’Lo presents a parade of characters, real and imaginary. The characters’ stories reveal the challenge of preserving immigrant traditions in America and of battling against ignorance,

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Border Remixeado and Sonidero Verbobala (2010)

by Verbobala March 19, 2010 This DJ/VJ project built on the traditions of the sonideros of Monterrey and early Jamaican soundsystems includes global rhythms from the underground: 808 beats under roots cumbia, Balkan horns blasting over dub, and electronic music and field recordings from three continents. Live video projections, VJ battles and Spanglish MC’s make

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Culture of Violence (2006)

CULTURE OF VIOLENCE Commissioned work by Victor Cartagena October 25–December 23, 2006 This timely exhibition by Salvadorean-born, San Francisco-based artist Victor Cartagena follows the artist’s investigation into violence as an underpinning element of our society.  It includes two multi-media installations and related two-dimensional work.  The first installation, Con los Ojos Vendados (With Their Eyes Blindfolded)

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