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Hybrid Spaces (2010)

HYBRID SPACES: FAMILY ORIGINS AND COLLABORATIONS Work by Las Hermanas Iglesias (Janelle and Lisa Iglesias) and Amy Diaz-Infante November 5, 2010–January 8, 2011 This group exhibition featured installations, drawings, and works on fabric inspired by family experiences, cultural influences and collaboration.  The artists explore the definition of family as it continues to evolve depending on

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Conceptual Landscapes (2010)

CONCEPTUAL LANDSCAPES: RECENT WORK BY CASTILLO AND MARIANA GARIBAY New work by Castillo and Mariana Garibay January 20–March 13, 2010 This exhibition featured site-specific installations and works on paper that explore the notions of ancestry, nature and form.

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Cultural Disjuncture (2009)

CULTURAL DISJUNCTURE Work by Monica Canilao, Diana Cristales-David, Betty A. Davis, Jaime Guerrero, Alejandro Oliva, Mitsy Ávila Ovalles, Rio Yañez in collaboration with Maya Escobar November 6, 2009–January 2, 2010 Contemporary nomads, cultural disparity and invisible labor are explored in this group exhibition, which features sculpture, works on paper, and installation. These emerging artists’ work

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La Reconquista (2009)

LA RECONQUISTA Commissioned work by Einar & Jamex de la Torre September 3—October 24, 2009 Einar and Jamex de la Torre create work that challenges our conceptions of art, society, and sanctity. They draw upon the Mexican tradition of dark humor to bear witness to the social injustices that plague our culture. For the celebration

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Culture of Violence (2006)

CULTURE OF VIOLENCE Commissioned work by Victor Cartagena October 25–December 23, 2006 This timely exhibition by Salvadorean-born, San Francisco-based artist Victor Cartagena follows the artist’s investigation into violence as an underpinning element of our society.  It includes two multi-media installations and related two-dimensional work.  The first installation, Con los Ojos Vendados (With Their Eyes Blindfolded)

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