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Las Cafeteras in Concert (2015)

with opening performance by Diana Gameros October 2 – 4, 2015 Castellano Playhouse Las Cafeteras seamlessly fuse traditional Afro-Mexican music from Veracruz, Mexico with modern rhythms and lyrically rich storytelling to create a fresh Urban Folk sound from the streets of East Los Angeles. Their eclectic instrumentation includes jaranas, a requinto, a donkey jawbone, a West

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Rana Santacruz in Concert (2015)

with opening performance by Cado April 10-12, 2015 An exclusive Bay Area performance, not to be missed! With a fresh and thrilling new album, Por Ahi (out May 5), Rana Santacruz redefines the sound of Mexican-American music. His music, often called “Mexican Bluegrass” or “Irish Mariachi” belong to the realm of magical realism, with tales

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