Friends, join playwright, performer and poet Paul S. Flores for MACLA’s “Stories From La Sala,” Friday, April 3, for a live poetry reading and poetry workshop streamed from la sala, or from Paul’s living room.

Flores will present work based on the theme “For My People,” aimed at inspiring and raising consciousness about all the people, family members, friends, and artists who are “essential workers” and humans in this battle against the Covid-19 virus. Flores will perform inspiring poems about Latino culture, food, family, and his hometown of San Francisco, and then ask the audience to write a poem dedicated to the people most essential to your survival.

Paul will be joined by his daughter Luna, 10 year old dancer and company member of Rising Rhythm SF, who will present a brief Hip-Hop dance performance.

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Check out Paul’s live performance in the video below! To know more about Paul and MACLA’s work follow us on Facebook as @maclaarte.

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