Breaking Point (2015)

Glass Sculpture

Breaking Point (2015)

June 5-Augus 8, 2015
Work by award-winning Bay Area artists Jaime Guerrero and Viviana Paredes.
Curated by Joey Reyes

MACLA closes its 2014-15 season with Breaking Point.

Glass, a medium valued for its visual and tactile qualities, is used inventively by these contemporary artists to provide clarity on contemporary social issues. Guerrero and Paredes use glass as a vehicle to explore and critique issues as diverse as the effects of over-hunting to the extinction of dialects and cultural customs. Though MACLA has previously exhibited these artists as well as other artists who work with glass, this is its first exhibition dedicated solely to the medium. Focused in scope, it illustrates the emergence of glass as a key medium in terms of visual activism, and its journey from purely decorative.  Breaking Point coincides with the Glass Art Society (GAS) Conference taking place June 5-7 in San Jose.

Artist Talks: Friday, June 5, at 7:00 pm, on South First Fridays.

Related program: Site-specific glass installation, a collaboration between youth of Public Glass and DMC Studio, from June 5-7.

About the Artists

Jaime Guerrero was born in Los Angeles and received his BFA from the California College of the Arts. He studied with master artists including Checco Ongaro, Pino Signoretto, and Ben Moore. In 2006 and 2012, he received the Saxe Fellowship Award through the Bay Area Glass Institute for Outstanding Artistic Achievement. Recognized for his unique use of color and his versatility in both sculpture and craft, his work is influenced by the everyday things humans take for granted, the rituals we create from our routines, and the historical artifacts that inform and influence our perception.

Viviana Paredes is a Bay Area native born and raised in San José, California. Paredes graduated from the California College of the Arts with an emphasis in sculpture. Influenced by her grandmother Petra, a native of Chihuahua, México, Paredes was initiated into the ancient tradition of medicinal plants and curanderísmo (physical and spiritual healing through medicinal plants). Paredes’ work has been included in group exhibitions throughout the U.S. and México. Visit


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