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De Esperanza y De Locura/Of Hope and Madness (2013)

DE ESPERANZA Y DE LOCURA/OF HOPE AND MADNESS Work by Erika Harrsch, Miguel Luciano, Esperanza Mayobre, Favianna Rodriguez, and Judi Werthein August 28—October 26, 2013 This group exhibition presents the work of Latino artists who deal with migration and immigration issues understood as flights of both hope and insanity. It includes kites bearing the images

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Power in Numbers (2012)

POWER IN NUMBERS Recent work by Julio Salgado, Betty A. Davis, Ana Teresa Fernandez & Julio Cesar Morales November 2, 2012–January 5, 2013 This exhibition explores immigration routes and political movements that are currently building a new America. The four artists featured in Power In Numbers explore new modes of political, social and cultural movements

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Even The Smallest Change Can Be Profound (2012)

EVEN THE SMALLEST CHANGE CAN BE PROFOUND Work by Efren Álvarez, Vic de la Rosa, Gregory Michael Hernandez, Monica Martinez, Gwen Mercado-Reyes, and Esteban Salazar June 1, 2012—August 3, 2012 The artists included in this exhibition envision fulfilling their role as agents of change by presenting work that calls attention to issues such as the

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Cultural Disjuncture (2009)

CULTURAL DISJUNCTURE Work by Monica Canilao, Diana Cristales-David, Betty A. Davis, Jaime Guerrero, Alejandro Oliva, Mitsy Ávila Ovalles, Rio Yañez in collaboration with Maya Escobar November 6, 2009–January 2, 2010 Contemporary nomads, cultural disparity and invisible labor are explored in this group exhibition, which features sculpture, works on paper, and installation. These emerging artists’ work

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