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Favianna Rodriguez

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De Esperanza y De Locura/Of Hope and Madness (2013)

DE ESPERANZA Y DE LOCURA/OF HOPE AND MADNESS Work by Erika Harrsch, Miguel Luciano, Esperanza Mayobre, Favianna Rodriguez, and Judi Werthein August 28—October 26, 2013 This group exhibition presents the work of Latino artists who deal with migration and immigration issues understood as flights of both hope and insanity. It includes kites bearing the images

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Novelas, Love and Other Adventures (2011)

NOVELAS, LOVE AND OTHER ADVENTURES Work by Jaime Hernandez, Favianna Rodriguez, Rio Yañez, and Mayra Ramirez January 26–March 26, 2011 This exhibition presents graphic works and comic storytelling exploring the sub-culture of Latino barrio life, American punk and 80’s rock music, along with complex female protagonists.

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