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Selena Ouija

Rio Yañez was born and raised in San Francisco’s Mission District and currently works as a curator, photographer, and graphic artist. His primary interest is in combining icons and mythologies. His images bring together heroes, friends, and childhood fantasies with Chicano aesthetics, traditional images, and politics, as a response to the lack of Chicano art

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Cells on Slide Plates

Cristina Velázquez is known for repurposing discarded materials such as cardboard, clothing catalogs, and plastic bags to educate the public about the hazards of landfill trash. Velázquez was born in Michoacán, Mexico and moved to California in 1987. She earned a BFA from San José State University. Her latest exhibitions include the exhibition Women’s History

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Moms Rising

Favianna Rodriguez is a transnational interdisciplinary artist and cultural organizer on a mission to create profound and lasting social change in the world. Favianna’s practice is grounded in the desire to humanize and empower communities who are impacted by inequality and racism.  Born in Oakland, Favianna’s strongest influence are her migrant parents, who raised her to

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LIP-PA79-88 (Syntoma: Soy de lo Peor)

Juan Luna-Avin was born in Mexico City. He is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work examines individual and collective identities through the lens of youth cultures and rock n’ roll music and reflects his interest in mythology, music history, memory, low-fi technology, and informal economies. His work has been shown at the Thomas Welton Art Gallery

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Todd, from Guardians of the Golden Gate

Jamil Hellu was born in Brazil, received his MFA from Stanford University and a BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute. He was selected for a six-month residence at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris and was granted the Markowski-Leach Scholarship in 2008. He has received the Graduate Fellowship Award at Headlands Center for

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In xóchitl, in cuícatl

Melanie Cervantes is a Xicana graphic artist who creates images that reflect the hopes and dreams of social movements and catalyze people to action.  Melanie’s work includes black and white illustrations, paintings, installations and paper stencils, but she is best known for her political screen prints and posters.  Employing vibrant colors and hand-drawn illustrations, her

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