Vanessa Sanchez and La Mezcla in Pachuquismo!

MACLA is so thrilled to host an outdoor performance featuring Vanessa Sanchez and La Mezcla in Pachuquismo

June 11, 8 – 10:30pm

Pachuquísmo is a multi-disciplinary, rhythmic performance that unveils a forgotten history of Mexican-American female youth and explores the struggles that communities of color continue to face today. The work overlays tap dance with Mexican zapateado, features a live band that brings together Jazz with traditional Son Jarocho music from Veracruz, Mexico and explores the Chicanx experience through percussive conversations. With the 9-person, all-female cast donning full zoot suits, Pachuquísmo pulls the narrative of the Zoot Suit Riots out of the male-centered context and portrays the experiences of las pachucas of the 1940’s through movement, spoken word and video. 

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