South First Friday Fiesta!

March South First Friday Fiesta! ~ Discos Resaca with Mariposas Del Alma

(Photo by: @alexknowbody)

The Meza-Blanco Sisters, Mariposas Del Alma, captivate audiences with their soulful vocals and powerful harmonies. Having grown up in a home with a musician father, and a lineage (Maternal Grandfather) that traces back to the days of the Trios all throughout Latin America – it was only natural that the sisters became the amazing vocalists they are today.

Discos Resaca Collective bring a lot of energy to the stage, mixing traditional sounds with some modern elements that plays anything from Rancheras, Cumbias, Soul to Salsa. Lots of emotion and traditional sounds mixed with some modern elements. They bring a level of authenticity and pride themselves at maintaining musical traditions.

Discos Resaca with Mariposas Del Alma have two free 45-minute sets starting at 7:30 pm and one at 8:30 pm

Our South First Friday Fiesta’s are supported in part by Kaiser Permanente and Santa Clara County.

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