The Queer-ennial: A Story of Armor showcases resiliency as artists protect their mind, body, and spirit. This exhibition features 23 Queer Latinx artists.

Featuring: Arely Cardenas, Juan Manuel Carmona, Houyee Chow-Jiménez, Ruben Escalante, Danny Feliz Hanson, Sarah Gomez, Cynthia Gonzalez, Alex Hernandez, Ester Hernandez, Joel Hernandez, Samantha Herrera, Michael Khoi Tran, Androgony King, Alma Landetta, León, Danielle Lopez, Humberto Maldonado, Devin Osorio, Fernando Reyes, Pedro Rivas Lopez, Euguene Rodriguez, Maya Salcido White, Jackelin Solorio.

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