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Fuerza: A Virtual Exhibition

Join us Friday December 4th for the virtual opening of our new online gallery exhibition, Fuerza. The exhibit will be open from December 4th to February 19, 2021. Walk through MACLA’s latest exhibit from anywhere with our 3D interactive gallery experience. Featuring the work of artists Elizabeth Blancas, Jesus Barraza, Melanie Cervantes, Ruby Bloo, Rayos Magos, Felix Quintana, and Stephany Sanchez this exhibition will showcase the work these artists have created during 2020 as a response to our current health and political landscape. We’ll be having an artists talk and a special musical performance by @philthydronez ! Register for your ticket to the virtual opening on Eventbrite.

Specifically touching on the subjects of resilience, perseverance, accessibility, and movement, the exhibition Fuerza (Strength) will showcase the work of local artists and what they’ve created during shelter in place and 2020. This exhibition will also showcase how in these unprecedented times artists have adjusted to the current circumstances and created work as a means to resist our current landscape be it to preserve their family and health, or as a political response to this election year.

Featured Artists:

  • Elizabeth Blancas
  • Jesus Barraza
  • Melanie Cervantes
  • Ruby Bloo
  • Rayos Magos
  • Felix Quintana
  • Stephany Sanchez


Fuerza: 3D Online Exhibition Schedule

Virtual Opening Friday, December 4th at 6pm
The exhibition will be open from December 4th through February 19, 2021

Access the virtual gallery here.


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