ENVIANDO FLORES A MI TIERRA centers around the idea of home and how it shapes us. How does one pay respect to both our motherland and who we have become outside of it, reconciling the duality of two realities. This exhibition features dynamic paintings, photography, and mixed media works, uplifting the stories and experiences of the Afro-Latinx identity.

ENVIANDO FLORES A MI TIERRA, loosely translated to “sending flowers back to my homeland”, features the works of Sofía Córdova, Delvin Lugo, and Christian Rodriguez. Honoring their origins while embracing the journey of the Latino diaspora, all three artists capture similarly unique stories about the transformative nature of immigration. What happens when one leaves behind the familiar for the unknown? How does one choose their new place of belonging? How do we continue to appreciate the memory of what once was, while living through all that was left behind?

Featuring the works of:

Sofía Córdova

Delvin Lugo

Christian Rodriguez

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