First Friday Fiesta at MACLA

as Part of Monthly SoFA District Art Walk 


South First Fridays

The South First Fridays art walk in downtown San Jose is a self-guided evening tour through galleries, museums, and independent creative businesses featuring eclectic art exhibitions and special performances. All art venues are FREE & open to the public.

Past Artists

June 2017 Sonido Clash

Future Latino Sounds
May 2017 Sweet Spice

Latin Dance Standards
April 2017 Valverde Dance Theatre

Music and Dance from the Andes
March 2017 Silvestre Martinez

Afro-Oaxacan Jazz
February 2017 Sambaxé

Brazilian Dance and Music
December 2016 Alafia Dance Ensemble

African Haitian Dance
November 2016 Aguacero

Puerto Rican Bomba
October 2016 MaKrú

Rumba Flamenca, Reggae, Cuban Son, Cumbia, Ska
September 2016 Gabriel Navia and Sulkary

Jazz-flamenco and Cuban music

August 2016 Cunamacué

Afro-Peruvian dance

June 2016 La Mixta Criolla

Caribbean Music

May 2016 Tarimba

Son Jarocho Music

Apr 2016 Silvestre Martinez and the East Bay's Conspiracy

Latin Dance Music

Mar 2016 Nosotras

Women's Ensemble

Feb 2016 Gabriel Navia & Sulkary

Latin Music Fusion Artist

Dec 2015 Jaranón y Bochinche

Afro-Peruvian Dance

Nov 2015 Arenas Dance Company

Cuban Dance

Sep 2015 Columbian Soul

Colombian Dance

August 2015 Flamenco Society of San Jose

Flamenco Dance

June 2015 Aguacero

Puerto Rican Bomba Music and Dance

May 2015 Capoeira of San José


Apr 2015 Nosotras

Women's Ensemble

Mar 2015 Jaranón y Bochinche

Afro-Peruvian Dance

Feb 2015 Loco Bloco

Youth and Family Art Organization

Dec 2014 Los Leones

Cumbia, Latin dance

Nov 2014 Future Arts Now!

Arts Education Program

Oct 2014 Yeye Suarez and Ensemble

Afro Latin Fusion Music

All performances are free; no reservations or tickets required.

The notable First Friday Fiesta Series at MACLA brings several of the Bay Area’s most prominent Latin American music and dance companies to MACLA’s Castellano Playhouse in the heart of Downtown San José for an evening of free, educational, and engaging performances. The series is presented by MACLA during the monthly SoFA District Art Walk.

Corazón Salvaje

Friday, August 4, 2017 Corazón Salvaje serves up a sound brewed with the thunder of Afro-Latin rhythms, a pinch of poetry, and the drive of accordion and guitar.

Entre Son

Friday, September 1, 2017 Entre Son is a testament to how music brings together people from different cities, different countries, different cultures. Alfredo "El Godo" Herrera from Veracruz (MEX), Javier Navarette from the Bay Area (CA), and Monica Fimbrez from the Central Valley (CA) bring their unique personalities and experiences together to create a sound that reflects how diverse and yet so similar and connected humanity really is. Within music, within art, we can all speak, and listen, with the heart. Son Jarocho is a traditional genre of music from Veracruz, Mexico. With rich rhythms, call and response singing, and handmade, organic instruments, you can feel the history, passion, nature that it carries. The heart of Son Jarocho exists in the 'Fandango' where the whole community comes together to share food and music. At the Fandango, any and all are invited to dance, play, sing, learn; to watch, to listen, to coexist. Alfredo Herrera of Puerto de Veracruz is featured on jarana, quijada, zapateado and vocals, and is a great teacher and virtuoso of Son Jarocho. Javier Navarette is an Afro-Latin percussionist from the Bay Area who has worked with many artists such as John Santos, Bobi Cespedes and Pedrito Martinez. Monica Fimbrez (bass & vocals) is the composer and lead performer of her Latin-Soul-Folk band "Soul y Agua", and has also performed with John Calloway, Jesus Diaz y Su QBA, Rumbaché, among others.

Asociacion Cultural Kanchis

Friday, October 6 2017 Asociacion Cultural Kanchis La Asociación Cultural Kanchis is a Peruvian folk dance group whose mission is to teach and promote the culture and traditions of Peruvian folk music and dance.


Friday, November 2017 LoCura taps into the diverse sounds that have a rich history in the Bay Area, weaving them together in an uncanny way to reveal their common roots. Mixing Rumba Flamenca with Reggae and Cumbia with Ska through contagious rhythms and multiple languages, their music takes you on a ride through a day in the emerging globalized experience where the movement of people and ideas are in constant flux.

Maracatu Pacifico

Friday, February 2, 2018 Maracatu Pacifico is a community-based performance group that brings Afro-Brazilian maracatu music and dance from Northeastern Brazil to the SF Bay Area.

Charged Particles

Friday, March 2, 2018 Charge Particles features Californian roots mixed with traditional, earthly and contemporary sounds of Latin America result in a wide range of genres such as Cuban Salsa, Son Jarocho, Cumbia, Jazz and R&B.

Bolivian Dance Team San Jose

Friday, April 6, 2018 Bolivian Dance Team San Jose showcases Bolivia’s rich and varied culture re-creating Bolivian dances by taking on innovative approaches to ancient and rare forms.

Proyecto Lando

Friday, May 4, 2018 Proyecto Lando is a collaboration of the best music arrangers in Peru, such as Felipe Pumarada, Mariano Liy, Santiago Coco Linares, David Pinto & Oscar Huaranga coming together for a Afro-Peruvian explosion.

Calafia Armada

Friday, June 1, 2018 Calafia Armada is a musical project who play a range of traditional rhythms and melodies from across the Americas including Jarocho, Puya, Rumba, and Cumbia.   Powered By

Past Artists